Emotional & Mental Health

Maintaining emotional health is essential to living well with Parkinson's, and can help manage movement symptoms.

Adult daughter holding to senior mom's shoulder

Just as exercise and medications are key to living well with Parkinson’s disease (PD), maintaining emotional health is essential to your physical health. A Parkinson’s diagnosis, and what can feel like ever-changing symptoms as PD progresses, can bring on a flood of emotions for you and your loved ones.

Accepting and successfully navigating those feelings, whether anger, sadness, grief or even denial, is important. Stress can make PD symptoms worse. Focusing on your strengths, nurturing caring relationships, sharing your concerns, embracing healthy behaviors and your spirituality, can help you better cope with the potential challenges of PD.

Page reviewed by Dr. Tracy Tholanikunnel, Assistant Professor of Movement Disorders at the University of Florida, a Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence.

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