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Driving research through funding the development of new therapies aimed to treat, and ultimately cure, Parkinson’s. We believe we’ll deliver the next new treatment for people with Parkinson’s in years, not decades.

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To accelerate the breakthroughs in treatments that people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) need today, the Parkinson’s Foundation formed a strategic partnership with Parkinson’s UK to invest in the Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech — a research-driven investment fund.

The Parkinson’s Foundation works to solve Parkinson’s through taking a big-picture approach to research, closing the gaps in knowledge about this disease. While our annual research grants and global genetics study make progress toward understanding the biology of Parkinson’s, there remains a shortage in the development of new drugs for Parkinson’s. It is an expensive and a high-risk endeavor for pharmaceutical companies to pursue this critical research.

Without increased and sustained investment in drug discovery and development, people with PD will likely have to continue to rely on a therapy that is more than 50 years old and has significant limitations. The Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech is dedicated to changing this.

What is the Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech?

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The Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech is the international drug discovery and development program founded in 2017 by Parkinson’s UK. Now, in partnership with the Parkinson’s Foundation, the Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech is a groundbreaking global movement working to deliver life-changing new treatments in years, not decades.

Our strategy is simple: accelerate innovative Parkinson’s research to drive advancements toward new and better therapies. Like other biotech funds, the Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech uses cutting-edge biological and chemical research to come up with new treatments. However, it’s driven by people with Parkinson’s, not profit, allowing us to collaborate and quickly adapt successful methods from the business world to deliver new treatments faster.

Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech Goals

Our goal is to provide targeted funding to biotech companies looking to develop new therapies to treat, and ultimately cure, Parkinson’s disease.

While our goal is ambitious, we will also leverage our efforts to:

  • Develop promising new therapies or approaches, resulting in a greater understanding of the disease.
  • Increase resources for research and development in a woefully underfunded space.
  • Partner with a broad range of industry organizations allowing us to lead, leverage and direct resources.
  • Develop a people-first approach for drug discovery and development.

Progress Toward Breakthrough

Types of Research Projects

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Stages of Research

  • Scientific discoveries — Researchers attempt to find out what goes wrong in Parkinson’s and come up with ideas for how to fix it.
  • Developing treatments — Dedicated teams turn the most promising scientific discoveries into potential new treatments.
  • Clinical trials — New treatments that have been proven safe and effective by all other methods are carefully tested in study participants.

Latest Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech Projects

Developing Treatments

Each of these studies can lead to a new Parkinson’s treatment.

Clinical Trials

Each of these studies are currently being tested.

How You Can Help

Help us reach further when you invest in groundbreaking Parkinson’s research. Contact to donate to the Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech today.

The Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech is part of the Parkinson’s Foundation Reach Further Campaign. This four-year campaign will raise $20 million in dedicated funds to accelerate new treatments and investigate early-stage drug discovery and development.

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