For Care Partners

Parkinson’s disease progresses over time — so does your role as a care partner. Explore all stages of the care partner journey and practical tips that can help along the way.

For Care Partners

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive disease, meaning that it changes over time. Your role as a care partner and your level of involvement will also evolve along the way.

It’s important to define “caregiving” for yourself. Especially early in the Parkinson’s journey, when you might not feel like you are actually “giving” care. Similarly, your loved one might not see himself or herself as someone in need of care. Remember, care is not limited to physical tasks. Care can be emotional and spiritual as well as physical.

Whether you care for someone who is recently diagnosed, adapting to new challenges of PD progression or living with the disease for a long time, a strong support network is essential for your well-being as a care partner and the person with Parkinson’s.

Making sure to take care of yourself can help create a productive partnership that minimizes stress and conflict. Benefits include revitalized energy, renewed interest in creative endeavors, and the realization that you and your partner are not alone.

Early in the Journey

How do I adapt to a diagnosis? What should I expect as the disease progresses? We answer these and more.

Caring for the Care Partner

Learn the signs of caregiver strain and burnout, and how to address them. We also provide advice for balancing work and caregiving.

Caring From Afar

We define the terms primary and secondary care partner, and ways long-distance caregivers can help.

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