Kit Contents

Each Aware in Care kit is filled with useful tools and information to help a person with Parkinson’s during the next hospital visit. Each kit includes:

Aware in Care Kit

Pack your bag with your Parkinson’s medication and materials below.

Deep Brain Stimulation Info Card

If you have had a deep brain stimulator implanted, share this information with anyone providing medical care to you in the hospital.
Download the deep brain stimulation info card >>

Duopa Info Card

If you use the Duopa pump, share this information with anyone providing medical care to you in the hospital.
Download the Duopa info card >>

Hospital Action Plan

Read about how to prepare for your next hospital visit — whether it is planned or an emergency. 
Download the action plan >>

Hospitalization During COVID-19 Doctor Letter

Please ask your primary Parkinson’s care provider to sign this letter, which letter highlights the impact that infections can have on Parkinson’s symptoms and the importance of adherence to the Parkinson’s medication schedule, recommending self-administration if this is not possible given how overwhelmed most hospitals are/will be during the COVID-19 crisis.
Download the hospitalization letter >>

Parkinson’s Disease ID Bracelet

Wear your bracelet at all times in case you are in an emergency situation and cannot communicate.

Medical Alert Card

Fill in your card with emergency contact information and place in your wallet.
Download the medical alert card >> 

Medication Form

Complete this form and keep copies in your kit for use at the hospital. If you download the form, you can fill it out on your computer before you print it out.
Download the medication form >>

Nurse Fact Sheets

Share vital information about Parkinson’s with every member of your care team in the hospital. 
Download the Nurse Fact Sheets >>


Use this magnet to display a copy of your Medication Form in your hospital.

If you live in Canada, call Parkinson Alberta at 1-877-243-9992 or Parkinson Society British Columbia at 1-800-668-3330 to order your kit.

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