Venture Philanthropy Fund

Driving research through funding the development of new therapies aimed to treat, and ultimately cure, Parkinson’s.

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To accelerate the breakthroughs in treatments that people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) need today, the Parkinson’s Foundation launched the Venture Philanthropy Fund — our newest research-driven investment fund.

The Parkinson’s Foundation works to solve Parkinson’s through taking a big-picture approach to research, closing the gaps in knowledge about this disease. While our annual research grants and global genetics study make progress toward understanding the biology of Parkinson’s, there remains a shortage in the development of new drugs for Parkinson’s. It is an expensive and a high-risk endeavor for pharmaceutical companies to pursue this critical research.

Without increased and sustained investment in drug discovery and development, people with PD will likely have to continue to rely on a therapy that is more than 50 years old and has significant limitations. Our Venture Philanthropy Fund is dedicated to changing this.

What is Venture Philanthropy?

Venture philanthropy is when a person or organization creates a type of investment fund that is applied to achieving a larger philanthropic goal. When it comes to the Parkinson’s Foundation, through venture philanthropy, our investment fund directly backs cutting-edge Parkinson’s research being conducted by dynamic companies and non-profits.

Our Venture Philanthropy Goals

The goal of the Parkinson’s Foundation Venture Philanthropy Fund is to provide targeted funding to biotech companies looking to develop new therapies to treat, and ultimately cure, Parkinson’s disease.

While our goal is ambitious, we will also leverage our venture philanthropy efforts to:

  1. Develop promising new therapies or approaches, resulting in a greater understanding of the disease.
  2. Increase resources for research and development in a woefully underfunded space.
  3. Partner with a broad range of industry organizations allowing us to lead, leverage, and direct resources.
  4. Develop a people-first approach for drug discovery and development.

Progress Towards Breakthrough

Our strategy is simple: accelerate innovative Parkinson’s research to drive advancements toward new and better therapies.

Our Venture Philanthropy Fund forms robust partnerships that move us forward. In 2022, we formed a strategic partnership with Parkinson’s UK to fast track the search for better treatments. Over the next three years, the Parkinson’s Foundation will invest a minimum of $3 million into the Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech Fund, the drug development arm of Parkinson’s UK. This groundbreaking global movement aims to deliver new treatments in years not decades.

How You Can Help

Help us reach further when you invest in groundbreaking Parkinson’s research. Contact to donate to the Parkinson’s Foundation Venture Philanthropy Fund today.

The Venture Philanthropy Fund is part of the Parkinson’s Foundation Reach Further campaign. This four-year campaign will raise $20 million in dedicated funds to accelerate new treatments and investigate early-stage drug discovery and development.

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