Awards for Institutions

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The Parkinson's Foundation offers competitive awards at the institution level to advance Parkinson's research.

We believe interdisciplinary research is a key approach to finding a solution to Parkinson’s. It is likely that no one scientist or laboratory has the answer to solving this multifaceted and extremely complex disease. However, utilizing team science that involves experts with diverse backgrounds can shed new light on the disease in a way that could not be done by individuals alone.

Parkinson’s Foundation Research Centers

The goal of the Parkinson’s Foundation Research Centers is to provide funding for innovative team science at Institutions working on a thematic area of Parkinson’s disease. The Foundation is interested in proposals that tackle critical issues or problems that are impeding progress in the field of PD research.

Explore Our Research Centers

Learn more about the four prestigious institutions designated as Parkinson's Foundation Research Centers.

Applying to Become A Parkinson’s Foundation Research Center

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