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From Passion to Action: 4 Volunteers Making a Difference

Every day at we are grateful for the wonderful volunteers, known as Parkinson’s Foundation Ambassadors, who help make a difference in the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease (PD).

National Volunteer Week is April 17 to 23, and we want to celebrate and thank all the hard-working volunteers across the globe who spread awareness and improve their PD communities.

There are many ways to get involved and start volunteering, from Moving Day to joining our People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council. Finding the opportunity that fits your abilities and passion is key. Below are four volunteers who did just that, and who are excited to share their stories with you in the hopes that you might also find the volunteer role that works for you!


Rebecca LeClair on stage at Moving Day Walk

Volunteer, Brother is living with Parkinson’s 

Selfishness is normally considered a negative characteristic, but in this case, I’m proud to be a selfish volunteer for the Parkinson’s Foundation. Luckily, everything I do for the Foundation helps Greg, and vicariously helps others too! I think that’s pretty positive.

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Mike & Angela

Angela and Michael Bowman

Parkinson’s Research Advocates, Mike is Living with Parkinson’s and Angela is his care partner

Back in the day, it was uncommon for older people, especially African Americans, to seek medical attention for physical and mental needs. Now, as a Research Advocate, I can ask questions and help raise awareness for PD. I use this role to spread information about the importance of clinical research and genetic testing.

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Darrell Allers headshot

Volunteer, Living with Parkinson’s

There are many volunteer roles in the Parkinson’s Foundation and my interest settled on giving presentations in the community. First, I needed to complete the Ambassador training which was very helpful and increased my PD knowledge. My motivation to pass the training quickly became my reality and I became a Parkinson’s Foundation Ambassador for the Georgia Chapter.

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Whether you are interested in becoming a Parkinson’s Foundation Ambassador like Darrell, a research advocate like Mike & Angela, or speaking to people in your community like Rebecca, we want to hear from you! Get to know more of our volunteers through this special volunteer edition podcast episode.

Complete our volunteer interest form to get started. You can also chat with the volunteer engagement team to help us educate others about PD and connect them to life-saving resources.

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