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Our 9 Most Popular Fitness Friday Videos to Watch Now

The Parkinson’s Foundation Fitness Friday video series focuses on a different aspect of exercise designed to support people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD). From balance to coordination and more, this series lets you choose the at-home workouts that meet your fitness goals.

Research has shown that 2.5 hours of weekly exercise, along with medication, can significantly improve the quality of life for people living with Parkinson's.

Get moving or try a new exercise with our most popular Fitness Friday workouts:

1.  LSVT BIG Movements

LSVT BIG exercises focus on making “BIG” movements with your arms, legs and torso in all directions. This program helps you learn how to override the small, slow movements that are common with Parkinson’s disease.

2.  Posture

Posture changes associated with Parkinson’s include stooped or rounded shoulders or forward lean of the head or whole body, making you look hunched over. Learn strategies for improving your posture with this seated workout.

3.  Brain and Body

This video, featuring exercises from the Power for Parkinson’s program, is designed to stimulate the brain/body connection. Try it out to get a full workout from head (or brain) to toe.

4.  LVST LOUD Vocal Therapy

LSVT LOUD therapy helps people with Parkinson's improve their vocal strength. A certified speech-language pathologist guides you through the exercises, helping you increase your voice volume to a healthy level making it easier for others to hear and understand you.

5.  Boxing with Strength

This high-intensity boxing class will help you move with strength. The workout includes power training using light weights and high repetitions of big and fast movements to address the slowness associated with bradykinesia.

6.  Balance, Brains, Agility and Flexibility Workout

This fun workout incorporates balance exercises, agility drills for coordination, cognitive exercises and various types of flexibility exercises. The class is intended for all fitness levels, with modifications available to increase and/or decrease intensity.

7.    PWR! Moves (Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery Moves)

This Parkinson’s-specific training program aims to maintain or restore skills that deteriorate and interfere with everyday movements. PWR! Moves are performed with whole-body movements and intentional action in multiple postures to help people with PD gain body awareness.

8.  Let’s Dance

Dance/movement therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses movement in all forms. This workout will allow you to move and find comfort in your body, expressing what words might be too difficult to uncover.

9.  Yoga Therapy for Parkinson’s Anxiety/Depression

At least 50% of people with PD will experience some form of depression during their Parkinson's journey and up to 40% will experience an anxiety disorder. Try this yoga class, focused on meditation and mindful breathing, to address problems with anxiety and depression.


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