Episode 147: Maximizing Resources with the Parkinson’s Foundation Helpline

With Parkinson’s disease (PD), it’s essential to know where to find a movement disorder neurologist, a physical or occupational therapist, social services to help with daily activities, and agencies that can advise on elder issues. When you don’t know that certain services even exist, looking for them is impossible. This is where the Parkinson’s Foundation Helpline can be an essential resource. Helpline staff have broad knowledge about what services may be appropriate to address certain problems, and they can direct callers to these services.

One social worker has described himself like the Yellow Pages. He cannot do everything for his clients, but he acts like a directory of resources that can help them. So, too, is the Parkinson’s Foundation Helpline a valuable compendium of services for many of the needs of people with PD. In this episode, Social Worker Amanda Janicke, MA, LCSW, an information specialist on the Parkinson’s Foundation Helpline, gives insight into what the Helpline can provide, and she provides examples of some agencies that can help people with PD.

Released: March 7, 2023

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