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Our team name is “Pop’s Kids” and we began our fight against Parkinson's disease (PD) more than two decades ago. At first, it was a quiet fight. We took our lead from Pop, our grandfather. He was determined to fight Parkinson’s with the same understated resolve and dignity he used to face every other challenge in his life. Pop could afford this approach because when it didn't get him the results he needed, Grandma Edith was there. Grandma Edith is five feet of pure determination. Her spirit never broke and her determination never faltered.

A family's fight against Parkinson's is a team effort. Pop was and we are blessed with the strongest, most driven team captain and advocate in the fight against Parkinson's—Grandma Edith.

Our Pop had an open hand and an open heart to anyone who needed it. He believed that when a person asked for help, it was his responsibility to give it. He gave even when he didn’t have what to give.

Pop also loved a good party. There was nothing he loved more than celebrating all of life's sweet moments with friends and family, all the better if a good meal was involved. Together, Grandma and Pop fought off the ravages of Parkinson's for more than 20 years. When one doctor told them something couldn't be done, they went to another. Whatever the obstacle, they overcame it. 

Our Walk Experience

Our family decided to continue our fight against Parkinson’s by partnering with the Parkinson's Unity Walk. Inspired by Grandma and Pop’s drive with which they battled Parkinson’s disease, one of Pop’s grandchildren founded our Parkinson's Unity Walk team “Pop's Kids.” It was out of Pop’s legacy of compassion, decency and fun that “Pop's Kids” was formed four years ago. 

Today, “Pop's Kids” efforts are spearheaded by two of Pop's grandchildren. We host fundraisers to raise money and ask people to sponsor our team. Our team is supported by those who have made our fight theirs. Words cannot convey how touched we are by their support. 

The Parkinson's Unity Walk is a day filled with a bit of emotion, a lot of inspiration and a ton of hope that we will beat this insidious disease. On the day of the Unity Walk “Pop's Kids” (4 generations worth!) walks alongside thousands of people—patients, caregivers, friends and families—in Central Park. We learn about groundbreaking research, innovative new treatments and extraordinary new products that make living with Parkinson's just a little bit easier.

The best part is that 100 percent of donations to the Unity Walk go directly to research funded by the seven major U.S. Parkinson’s foundations, the National Parkinson Foundation included.

This is a fight we can, must and will win! For those of you learning about the Unity Walk for the first time—join us! Help us make Parkinson's disease a remnant of the past. 

Visit the Pop's Kids Unity Walk page to join and donate.

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