National Medical Advisor

Dr. Michael Okun is dedicated to the concept of interdisciplinary care, and since his appointment as the National Medical Advisor for the Parkinson's Foundation in 2006, he has worked with the Centers of Excellence to help foster the best possible environments for care, research and outreach in Parkinson's disease. He is a leading national spokesperson for Parkinson's disease, and has been extensively quoted in The New York Times, Wall St. Journal, USA Today, CNN and other media.

Dr. Okun has dedicated much of his career to helping in the development of care centers for people living with movement disorders, but has also has enjoyed a prolific research career exploring non-motor basal ganglia brain features and he has participated in some of the pioneering studies exploring the cognitive, behavioral and mood effects of brain stimulation.

He is Chair of Neurology and Executive Director at the Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases at University of Florida Health. The center is unique in that it is comprised of over 25 interdisciplinary faculty members from diverse areas of campus, all of whom are dedicated to care, outreach, education and research.

Michael S. Okun, MD, received his BA in History from Florida State University and his MD from the University of Florida where he graduated with Honors. Dr. Okun completed an internship and Neurology residency at the University of Florida. Following residency he was trained at Emory University, one of the world's leading centers for movement disorders research, in both general movement disorders and in microelectrode recording/surgical treatments.

Dr. Okun holds the Adelaide Lackner Professorship in Neurology, has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles, is a published poet (Lessons From the Bedside, 1995), and has served as a reviewer for more than 25 major medical journals. He has been invited to speak about Parkinson's disease and movement disorders in various regions throughout the world. He is currently a faculty and founding member for SUPPORT-PD, which aims to bring functional Parkinson and Movement Disorders Surgery to "countries in need" around the globe.


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