Episode 111: Alone in a Crowd: Overcoming Isolation

Social isolation may affect many people as they age, and COVID has exacerbated the problem for everyone. Isolation can have negative effects on physical as well as mental health. People with Parkinson’s disease (PD) are especially at risk for social isolation because of progressive physical changes, mood disturbances, a shrinking social circle, and secluding oneself due to fear of how people may perceive them. Apathy is also a common non-motor symptom, affecting people with Parkinson’s and making it difficult for them to get involved in activities. Other non-motor symptoms such as anxiety and depression can further limit social engagement.

In this podcast episode, Aaron Daley, Coordinator for the Parkinson’s Disease Clinic and Research Center at the University of California, San Francisco, discusses social isolation and ways to overcome it, whether you live in an urban or rural area. He recommends seeking out support at the first sign of the problem, exercising regularly, or just establishing a routine of activity with a companion.

Released: August 24, 2021

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