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5 Ways to Safely Summer On

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It’s summertime! After a particularly challenging 2020, taking care of yourself and managing your Parkinson’s disease (PD) has never been more important. Whether you’re eager to resume in-person social activity or you feel more comfortable at home, read on for five ways to make the most of summer 2021.

1. Move your body

The sun is shining, the weather is warm — get outside and move! Exercise not only feels great, but it can also improve your physical PD symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. Here are ways you can get started right now:

  • Sign up for a non-contact boxing class at your local gym or use our chapter resources to find a PD-tailored class near you.
  • Design your own at-home exercise plan with our Fitness Friday workouts.
  • Sign up for a Moving Day event in your area to raise awareness for Parkinson’s and connect with other members of the PD community.

2. Join a Parkinson’s support group

Summer is a great time to make new friends! Support groups give people living with PD and their care partners the opportunity to learn from peers and share their experiences in an understanding environment. Let us help you with this process:

  • Listen to our podcast to better understand what PD support groups offer and how participating in one can benefit you.
  • Join a local in-person support group or attend a virtual support group from home.
  • Looking for a new support group? Check out PD Conversations to join our online network of support.

3. Get creative in the kitchen

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Switch up your everyday dinner routine and try out a new summer recipe! Practicing good nutrition can help alleviate PD symptoms and offer other health benefits as well. Follow these tips to get cooking:

  • Take a cooking class. Bring a friend and learn to cook together – or go solo and surprise everyone with your new skills.
  • Challenge yourself to cook one new recipe every week. Our Foodie Friday video series demonstrates how to make quick, delicious meals at home!

4. Take a meditation class

Mental wellness is equally as important as physical wellness. Incorporating mindfulness into your weekly routine will keep you relaxed and ready for more summer fun! These ideas will keep you calm:

  • Go to a meditation or yoga class at your local wellness center to relax your mind and body.
  • Register for an upcoming Mindfulness Monday virtual event to learn guided relaxation techniques and start your week with calmness.
  • Meditate using an app in nature – find a quiet space in your backyard, at a local park or the beach.

5. Learn more about Parkinson’s

Part of living well means understanding how Parkinson’s disease plays a role in your life. Gaining more knowledge about PD now can benefit you and your family in the future! Start learning with our online resources:

  • Participate in our PD GENEration study, which offers genetic testing and counseling at no cost for people with Parkinson’s disease. In-person testing is available at participating Centers of Excellence, or you can register for an at-home appointment.
  • Listen to our podcast for information on PD-related topics like exercise, clinical trials and nutrition.

No matter where your summer plans take you, the Parkinson’s Foundation is here for you. Call our Helpline at 1-800-4PD-INFO (1-800-473-4636) to find resources in your community. Stay healthy and safe!

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