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Parkinson's Foundation Expert Briefings offer first-hand access to the latest Parkinson's disease (PD) research and updates from experts in the field. Designed with the Parkinson’s community in mind, each hour-long webinar offers an opportunity to learn more about managing PD symptoms, progression, treatments and more.

Expert Briefings are not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content and information presented in webinars is for general information purposes only. Expert Briefings express the views of the speaker, not necessarily the views of the Parkinson’s Foundation.

All Expert Briefings are recorded and available here within one week of the live broadcast. Our most watched topics include symptom management, Young Onset Parkinson’s, fatigue and sleep disorders and more! 

Upcoming Expert Briefings

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September 7, 2022: Use it or Lose it - The Impact of Physical Activity in Parkinson’s

For people with Parkinson’s disease (PD), physical activity is more than an important part of healthy living — it is a vital component to maintaining balance, mobility and activities of daily living. This program will discuss the importance of regular and daily movement and how extended breaks of physical activity may worsen PD symptoms.

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October 5, 2022: Understanding Gene and Cell-Based Therapies in Parkinson’s

While still in the developmental stage, genetic and cell-based therapies hold some promise for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD). This webinar will review what those considering gene-based or cell-based therapy may expect in terms of symptom management and disease progression.  

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November 2, 2022: Let's Talk About Dementia

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is often thought of as a disease that only involves movement. Yet many people with Parkinson’s experience slowness in thinking, loss of memory, decreased attention span and difficulty finding words. Dementia refers to advanced problems in memory and thinking that interfere with daily activities and quality of life. This webinar will review the various types of dementia, their clinical features as well as ways to manage dementia in Parkinson’s. 

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Previous Expert Briefings

September 1, 2021: The Parkinson’s Journey: Understanding Progression

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October 6, 2021: PD & Medication - What's New

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December 1, 2021: The Skinny on Skin and Bone Health in Parkinson's

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February 2, 2022: Sights, Sounds and Parkinson's

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March 2, 2022: Conversations about Complementary Therapies and PD

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April 6, 2022: Can We Put the Brakes on PD Progression?

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Expert Briefings FAQ

What are Expert Briefings?
Expert Briefings are hour-long webinars that give practical tips for managing Parkinson's disease (PD) from experts in the field. Each Expert Briefing has two components: a live presentation followed by a Question and Answer session, where experts answer questions from our virtual audience.

What topics do Expert Briefings cover? How are topics selected?
The Parkinson's Foundation surveys the Parkinson's community and uses feedback to determine which critical issues we cover. Webinars cover wide-ranging topics including coping strategies for movement and non-movement symptoms, caregiving, treatments and research updates.

For our full list of FAQs, click here.

Contact Information

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

  • For questions regarding Expert Briefings: Email

  • For Parkinson's disease information and resources: Contact the Parkinson's Foundation Helpline at 1-800-4PD-INFO (1-800-473-4636) or

  • For questions about using the Zoom platform: Contact Zoom here

    • Phone dial-in for technical issues, contact Zoom in the U.S. at 1.888.799.9666 ext 2 or 1.650.397.6096 ext 2 +Meeting ID

    • You can review how to access Zoom at

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