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Adam Riemer and his parents
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Adam Riemer

My mom, Stepheny, would always say, “If you are creative, you will never be bored.” Her imagination and optimism stayed intact, even after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in 2007. She was a talented visual artist, and her diverse portfolio ranges in scale, subject and medium.

Her advice to everyone was always to accentuate the positive. Despite her health challenges, including a tremor impacting her right side, she managed to heed her own advice and continued pursuing her passions. She would spend afternoons in art class, learning new techniques like woodblock printmaking and collage. She inspired me to look at everything with a creative lens, from my work in real estate development to television, film production and photography.

Shortly after my mom passed in January 2022, I was presented with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the producing team for A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical. As my first foray into Broadway, this musical was a natural fit, especially since I knew Neil was involved.

I have fond memories of listening to Neil’s greatest hits on vinyl with my mom — a true fan. I was also aware of Neil’s personal battle with Parkinson’s disease, and I knew this musical could be a platform to spread awareness for PD.

In honor of Parkinson’s Awareness Month, I am thrilled to announce that the producing team of A Beautiful Noise is raising money for the Parkinson’s Foundation. I am incredibly grateful to the other producers, investors, company members and theatergoers who have already contributed to this important cause.

I try to be like my mom every day. She exuded kindness, optimism, compassion and creativity. She will always be my inspiration. I know she would be very proud of everything I have accomplished.

Please support the Parkinson's Foundation in honor of my mom, Neil Diamond and the 90,000 people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease each year.


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