2022-25 Strategic Plan

The Parkinson’s Foundation is proud to share the 2022-25 Strategic Plan, a roadmap to enhance all the Foundation’s mission core efforts, including research, care and education. Each piece, working in concert with the others, brings us closer to solving the puzzle that is Parkinson’s disease (PD).

The three pillars of the Parkinson's Foundation's strategic plan are Research, Care and Education

Every day, the community that relies upon us is at the center of our work. The plan reflects all we have learned through the collective input of people living with PD and those who love them, as well as the medical community, researchers, board members and Foundation staff.

We understand that one million people with Parkinson’s here in the U.S. are counting on us to create a broad and compassionate community of support while we tirelessly search for the causes and the cure.

Read the plan and learn more about how our actions over the next four years will drive impact for the PD community and advance our mission.

Together, we will reach a day when all of the symptoms of PD are not only treatable but also preventable. Until then, know that we are working every single day to improve the lives of people living with Parkinson’s. Your contributions of time, resources and perspective; your participation in research and advocacy; your enthusiasm, strength and perseverance are what will translate goals to reality.

Inspired to support these ambitious plans?

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