Parkinson Report

Spring 2024

Awareness Issue

Husband and wife walking in the park

In our special awareness month newsletter, check out our #ABCsofPD awareness campaign. Explore other timely articles, including how to advocate for your best hospital care, complete with a checklist and let Cindy’s story inspire you as it does all of us at the Foundation.


Grandpa and grandson walking in a park

All You Need to Know About Parkinson’s Disease — From A to Z

Our feature article focuses on an important part of PD awareness — educating everyone on the many symptoms that impact daily life and how to address them. As you read the ABCs of PD, think of new words that resonate with your experience.

Parkinson’s Research Training Aims to Advance Health Equity

“Interacting with other African Americans with Parkinson’s, neurologists that look like me and sharing our daily challenges was empowering,” said Vanessa Russell Palmer, a person with Parkinson’s.

Group at the Learning Institute
Cindy Finestone at Moving Day

Cindy Won’t Let Parkinson’s Slow her Down

Cindy Finestone does it all. The on-the-go, soon-to-be first-time grandmother serves on community boards, cooks a mean Sunday feast, goes to the gym six days a week, and fundraises for causes she believes in. And she does it all fighting Parkinson’s.

How to Communicate Top 5 Parkinson’s Care Needs During a Hospital Visit

People with Parkinson’s are at a higher risk of hospitalization and face many challenges while in the hospital. However, careful preparation and clear communication can help minimize complications and recovery time.

Couple looking at the Hospital Safety Guide on a tablet

In This Issue

A Note From Our CEO

John Lehr addresses how we’re committed to translating Parkinson’s awareness into action.

PD GENEration Study Announces Global Expansion

Find out how we’re aiming to reach new populations through our genetics study.

Helpful Parkinson’s Resources

Try new tools that can help you navigate this disease.

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