My PD Story

Care Partners


My wife Hannah was becoming more immobilized and confused eight years after her Parkinson’s disease (PD) diagnosis. Balancing medications against side effects was becoming trickier. At the time, we lived in Australia and I found the Parkinson’s Foundation website by accident, but it became an invaluable source of information.

As Hannah's mental health worsened she moved from hallucinations through delusions into outright paranoia, trusting no one and changing in character to a completely different person. I was well prepared for this by one of your educational books.

Nothing similar was available here and I downloaded your book on Cognition, which became a vital tool in caring for Hannah. It enabled me to understand what was happening and realize that it was the disease I was dealing with, not the Hannah I had known for over 60 years.

I am just so grateful for the advice and information in that book which enabled me to continue caring for my wife until she passed away last year.

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