Episode 123: Managing Stress with a Mindful Approach

Stress is almost a constant in our lives and especially when coping with changing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Adding to the usual stresses are the pandemic with its social isolation and uncertainty of when it will be over, as well as the flood of local and international news. So we all deserve some time to focus on ourselves, and one useful technique is mindfulness meditation, in which a person focuses on being intensely aware of what they are sensing and feeling in that moment. This focus helps give insight into those senses and feelings without interpreting them or judging them. Various techniques can facilitate this practice to reduce stress, including breathing methods and guided imagery. In this episode, Crista Ellis, Community Program Manager with the Parkinson’s Foundation and a certified yoga and meditation educator, describes what mindfulness meditation is, how people can begin the practice, including the Foundation’s Mindfulness Mondays sessions, and what it can do for them.

Released: February 22, 2022

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