Hospital Action Plan

As you already know, getting diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease is a life-changing experience. What you may not know is that people with Parkinson’s disease are admitted to the hospital 50 percent more than their peers. And, once admitted, they typically have longer hospital stays.

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to change that. When your Parkinson’s is well controlled—you get your medication on time, you receive consistently good medical care and you are an active participant in your treatment team—you are more likely to stay well. This lowers your chance of being hospitalized and improves your ability to recover more quickly from illness or surgery.

To help you get the high-quality hospital care you deserve, the Parkinson’s Foundation created a program called the Aware in Care campaign. This initiative is one of many that we have undertaken to help you gain control of your health. We believe that one of the first steps is education— including educating your doctors and nurses on how to take good care of you during a hospital stay.

This is your guide to prepare for both planned hospital visits and emergency treatment. The information in this kit is relevant even if your visit to the hospital is unrelated to your Parkinson’s diagnosis. In addition, these materials are useful beyond hospital walls. Bring your kit with you for any in-patient stay, whether it is a rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled nursing or other care facility.

Included in this guide are useful tips on how to use your Aware in Care kit to get the right care at the right time. We hope this blueprint to better care will help you and your family on your Parkinson’s journey. Read on to get started today.

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