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Parkinson's Anonymous

Virtual ( Zoom )
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST
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Parkinson's Anonymous Series: New to PD

Designed for people with Parkinson’s, this webinar will highlight the challenges many people face when deciding how and when to share their diagnosis publicly. Recognizing that both cultural and financial factors come into play, the decision to “come out” with Parkinson’s can be emotional and personal. Attendees will hear from peers who have navigated this process and the lessons they’ve learned. We will highlight ways to find support without sharing a diagnosis beyond your comfort level.  

We will be hosting a second Parkinson's Anonymous event, designed for care partners and loved ones of a person living with Parkinson's, who have not shared their diagnosis publicly. Care partners, please join us on November 15th for "Parkinson's Anonymous: New to PD Caregiving".


JM Kenny, Person with Parkinson's

Elva Brown, Person with Parkinson's

Anna Grill, Person with Parkinson's

This is a virtual program, taking place live, using the online Zoom platform. Instructions on joining the webinar are provided after registering.

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