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Meet Four People Helping Us Move Toward a Cure

Group at Moving Day Walk

In 2023, Moving Day, A Walk for Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s Revolution and Parkinson’s Champions raised a record-breaking $8.8 million to advance research, improve access to care and provide life-changing resources to people with PD and their loved ones.

Meet four fundraisers and volunteers who inspire us:

Kathleen and group

Volunteering Helps Kathleen Find Community and Comfort

“I saw right away that Moving Day was more than just a walk, and I wanted to see how it changes people. I also wanted to help raise even one extra dollar for research so that the next person to get diagnosed doesn’t feel like I did. I want them to feel that there is hope.”


Allie and group

Allie Takes Action Against PD Diagnosis through Parkinson’s Revolution

 “Part of my goal is pushing for a cure for Parkinson’s and making sure people are aware of it, but the other part is finding people who look like me. The Parkinson’s Revolution ride reminded me I have a long road ahead but right now, I’m fighting and feeling great.”


Karan Rai running a marathon

Karan Completes Remarkable World Marathon Challenge for His Father

“One of the lessons my dad taught me early on is you’re meant to test your limits and if you’re going to do that, find a cause that’s near and dear to your heart and raise awareness and money for it.”


Cornerstone Parkinson's Fit Community group

Cornerstone Parkinson’s Fit Community Combats Parkinson’s By Moving Together

“We love Moving Day. We all think the Parkinson’s Foundation is important because they have so much to offer people with Parkinson’s. When someone new comes to the gym, the first thing I tell them is to connect with the Foundation and use their resources. We are so happy we can help raise money to support the Parkinson’s Foundation.”


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