Parkinson Report

Fall/Winter 2023

Care Partner Issue

Husband and wife drinking coffee on couch
Couple hiking in the woods

Caregiving Tips for Navigating the 5 Stages of Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s progresses over time, as does the role of a care partner. In our feature article, we explain the stages of the PD and practical tips and resources that can help along the way.

Update From Our People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council Chair

“Living with young-onset PD while raising three kids with my wife has offered a few unique challenges and a superabundance of blessings. Along the way, I have come to understand that we were not made to sit on the bench.”

Mark Kelm headshot
Statistics on MDS access

New Study Shows Only 9% of People with Parkinson’s See A Movement Disorders Specialist

Regularly seeing a neurologist can improve the lives of thousands of people with Parkinson’s each year. However, access to expert Parkinson’s care is not always easily available.

In This Issue

Essential Parkinson’s Resources

These 5 resources are designed for people with PD and care partners.

Researchers Pursuing the Next Parkinson’s Breakthrough

Explore the work of two researchers who are working to understand the root of the disease to lead us to a cure.

Promising Treatment for PD-Related Constipation

More than 60% of people with PD experience constipation. Learn more about a new study designed to help.

Gil Kim and his wife on vacation

How Gil Built a Parkinson’s Support System to Help His Wife

After retiring, Gil was ready to move to Mississippi and be closer to his grandchildren, but his wife Gina didn’t want to leave her PD support system. “We were never the type of people who would take a prescription and just wait,” Gil said.

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