Moving Day Social Media Toolkit

How to Use Each Platform

Be sure to follow @ParkinsonDotOrg on the social platform that resonates with you for updates, resources and community support.


Like us? Prove it. Click like and follow at the top of our page to receive updates in your newsfeed when you log on to Facebook. Select share to let your friends and family know about our page, too!

Engage with our posts by liking, loving, or commenting on our status updates. Experience the power of our global community by sharing your photos and stories on our wall as well.


Mention us in your tweets @ParkinsonDotOrg. Retweet our updates, ask us questions, use our hashtags and share your stories, photos and fundraising efforts so that we can elevate your voice in return.


Join our Instagram community by following us @ParkinsonDotOrg. Tag us in your posts and Instagram Stories.


Follow our LinkedIn updates for updates that affect our Foundation and industry as a non-profit in the healthcare space. Look out for professional education opportunities

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