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Teddy Horn

Teddy Horn riding motorcycle

I started racing motorcycles in 1972, and aside from injuries, Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other setbacks, I'm still racing today! I just got home in Florida from Talladega, where I finished third in my class at the age of 65. Even though the head injuries may have contributed to my PD, at 57 years old I just couldn't stay away from the adrenaline rush of the speed, thrill and great people

I had deep brain surgery (DBS) in 2016. Even though it is not a cure, I couldn't even have considered my return to racing before. Drug free, and other than my slurred speech, I feel great!

My life has changed forever, and my PD is progressing rapidly, but with the DBS surgery, my quality of life is remarkable.

The goal of telling my story is to help other folks who are close to giving up or feel there is no life after a PD diagnosis, have some hope and inspiration. Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story.

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