Episode 77: An Aware in Care Success Story

The Aware in Care (AIC) kit is one way to ensure patient safety during a hospitalization. It provides useful tools to use before, during, and after a hospitalization, such as a list of medications that a person with Parkinson’s disease is taking, instructions to the hospital staff about dispensing medications on the person’s individual schedule, a list of drugs that should not be administered, and more. As useful as the AIC kits may be for the person with PD, another aspect for a safe and successful hospital stay involves the hospital staff being knowledgeable and the hospital systems being ready to treat a person with PD. For that, the staff needs to know about the unique needs of people with PD and be prepared to meet them. That’s where AIC Ambassadors come in. This podcast episode describes a success story of AIC Ambassador Kathy McMurray reaching out to and working with nurse administrator Sara Holman, Director of the Ortho-Neuro Service Lines at Deaconess Health System in Evansville, Indiana, both of whom were instrumental in educating hospital staff and refining the electronic medical records system to meet the unique needs to treat people with PD.

Released: March 24, 2020

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