Episode 29: Home Care Program for Advanced PD

Medical professionals have a lot to offer people in the early and middle stages of Parkinson’s disease. People with PD can visit their teams of doctors, nurses, social workers, and other health professionals on a regular basis in an office or clinic setting. A problem can arise, however, when determining how to best help people in the more advanced stages of the disease, when they develop more symptoms of greater severity and have limited mobility. Dr. Jori Fleisher of the Rush University Medical Center Movement Disorders Program in Chicago, a Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence, helped develop a home visit program to address this issue when she was at New York University Medical Center. The Edmond J. Safra Interdisciplinary Home Visit Program brings a multidisciplinary team of health professionals to the homes of people with PD when they need care the most.

Released: May 22, 2018

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