Episode 103: Best Practices & Guidance: Navigating Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities

When to consider an assisted living facility or a skilled nursing facility for someone with Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a monumental decision, raising a list of questions, including quality of the facility, location, physical layout, services, staff training and experience in caring for people with PD, financial aspects, and more. A care partner is integral in helping to research facilities and evaluate their appropriateness based on their partner’s needs and preferences. But the role of the care partner does not end there. Once a person is in such a facility, the partner can help implement best care practices, letting staff know about particular symptoms, needs, habits, and preferences of the resident, as well as advocate for them when necessary.

In this podcast episode, Joan Gardner, BSN, nurse clinician, and Rose Wichmann, PT, director of the Struthers Parkinson’s Center in the Minneapolis area, a Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence, explore many of the issues that are central to choosing an assisted living or skilled nursing facility as well as ensuring the best experience once someone resides there.

Released: May 4, 2021

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