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What’s Hot in PD? Should I Get an Appendectomy to Prevent Parkinson’s Disease?

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In this week’s issue of Science Translational Medicine, Bryan Killinger, PhD, and colleagues examined the question, “Will removing my appendix impact my risk of later developing Parkinson’s disease (PD)?”

Interestingly, several recent studies have attempted to answer this question. With the emerging evidence supporting that a gut-brain connection and interaction may play a potential role in Parkinson’s, this subject is a timely one.

Dr. Killinger and his team examined two very large sets of data, totaling 1.6 million people. They further studied data from people who had their appendix removed via a surgical operation called an appendectomy. Those who underwent an appendectomy before the onset of PD had a reduced risk of Parkinson’s.

Interestingly, people who live in rural areas had an even lower Parkinson’s risk after undergoing an appendectomy. When researchers find a connection to rural areas, it increases the chances that environmental influences (e.g. pesticides) may have played a role. There have been many theories about how the gastrointestinal system may influence Parkinson’s risk and progression, however we still do not know how exactly they are connected.

In their study, Dr. Killinger and his team also examined small samples of human appendixes and found that the Parkinson’s protein (alpha-synuclein) was present. The researchers then used a special technique on the human appendix tissue to show how it could be pathological in the disease process. Dr. Killinger proposes the idea that the human appendix contains a bad form of alpha-synuclein and the contents of the appendix may potentially impact the risk of Parkinson’s.

However, several studies contradict these findings. They have collectively shown no change or only a slight change in PD risk after undergoing an appendectomy. In 2018, Palacios and his team found no association of appendectomy and Parkinson’s when studying two large groups of participants. In 2017 and 2016, researchers Yilmaz and Marras also reported no association. In 2016, Svensson actually reported an increased risk of Parkinson’s associated with appendectomy. Finally, Mendez, similar to the current study, reported a beneficial effect of appendectomy, but only observed this in older people with PD.

When it comes to the medical community, proving that something works is best achieved when multiple well-designed studies can replicate a finding. Based on what we currently know, alpha-synuclein can be found in the appendix, but we cannot recommend a surgical appendectomy to prevent or delay Parkinson’s disease in people who are more at-risk (like testing positive for a Parkinson’s gene) and not yet diagnosed.

So where does this leave people with Parkinson’s? The bottom line is that if you are currently living with Parkinson’s there is no evidence to suggest that removal of the appendix will provide any benefit.

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Michael S. Okun, National Medical Advisor

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