Press Releases

Parkinson’s Foundation Welcomes Paolo Fresco to Board of Directors

Parkinson’s Foundation Launches First-Ever Parkinson’s Nurse Fellowship Program in the US
Applications now open for four nurse fellows to participate in yearlong training

Parkinson’s Foundation Announces New Sites for Parkinson’s Genetic Testing and Counseling
PD GENEration program aims to identify improved treatment options and personalize medicine for people with Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s Foundation and AbbVie Launch Health Care Professional Tool to Support Parkinson’s Disease Treatment 

Parkinson’s Foundation Hosts Professional Education Training in Boston
Joint Collaboration with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital

Parkinson’s Foundation Partners with Parkinson’s UK
Parkinson’s Foundation Grants $250,000 to Parkinson’s UK to invest in a Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech Project

Parkinson’s Foundation Receives Award to Develop Parkinson’s Advisors in Research and Training Collaborative

Parkinson’s Foundation Introduces Parkinson’s Revolution Indoor Cycling Event
International event aims to engage the global Parkinson’s disease community

Parkinson’s Foundation Announces Applications for 2020 Community Grants
The Foundation awards $1.5 million for diverse and underserved populations, newly diagnosed and mental health programs

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