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Medpage Today 

Article highlights the complexities of medical cannabis use for people with Parkinson’s disease and focuses on the findings from the Foundation’s medical cannabis consensus statement. James Beck, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of the Parkinson’s Foundation is quoted. 

Authority Magazine

John L. Lehr, President and CEO of the Parkinson’s Foundation interviewed with Authority Magazine to discuss preparation for high-stake business encounters. The story is part of the magazine’s series about “Optimal Performance Before High Pressure Moments.”

Neurology Live

James Beck, PhD, chief scientific officer at the Parkinson’s Foundation, shares his perspective on the current state of Parkinson’s disease (PD) research amid the challenges of COVID-19.


Williams had Lewy body dementia, which his family learned only after his death. It's often misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease due to its early similarity to those other neurodegenerative diseases. That unfortunate misconception is one focus of "Robin's Wish," a documentary releasing September 1 about his final days. Parkinson’s Foundation website is linked.


A grant from the Parkinson's Foundation is to be used by Stony Brook Renaissance School of Medicine to study the effect of stress management on patients newly diagnosed with the disease.

US News and World Report

People who eat healthfully may be less likely to develop a constellation of symptoms that can precede Parkinson's disease, a large new study suggests. Jim Beck, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of the Parkinson’s Foundation is quoted.

U.S. News and World Report

It may be possible to protect Parkinson's patients' brains from further damage by turning off a "master regulator" gene, researchers report. Parkinson’s Foundation is cited for more information.

Hospice News

The Parkinson’s Foundation is collaborating with the University of Rochester Medical Center to make palliative care a standard practice across all Parkinson’s Foundation Centers of Excellence.

Associations Now

The article features healthcare organizations that are part of the 100 associations that will save the world. The Foundation, along with the PD GENEration program are highlighted on this list.

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