Episode 30: Team Care for PD: Why It’s Important

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Parkinson’s disease is a complex condition, involving more than just movement. And to ensure the best outcomes and quality of life, people with PD should have a coordinated team of health professionals to help with their physical, social, and emotional needs. Since PD is a progressive disease, this array of health professionals can keep a constant eye on the changing condition and provide appropriate therapies as needs arise. Today, Lisa Mann, the nurse and education director for the Oregon Health and Science University Parkinson’s Center in Portland, a Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence, discusses who should be part of the core team and how other rehab therapists and health care professionals can be brought onto the team as needed.

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About This Episode

Released: June 5, 2018

Lisa Mann, RN, BSN, MA

Lisa Mann, RN, BSN, MA is the Education Director and Team Care Coordinator for the OHSU Parkinson Center. Her position includes coordinating the operations of the movement disorders clinic, providing integrated support to patients and families, facilitating interdisciplinary care in the clinic and implementing community education and outreach programs for patients, families and health care professionals.

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