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Aware in Care hospital safety kit

Research has found that three out of four people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) do not receive medications on time when staying in the hospital. When this occurs two out of three will experience unnecessary complications.

With more frequent hospital visits and a high sensitivity to the timing and dosing of PD medications, people with Parkinson’s face great risks in the hospital.

At the Parkinson’s Foundation, it is our mission to help people with Parkinson’s disease live better lives, and that includes staying safe while in the hospital.

  • Understand the risks associated with hospital stays.
  • Have tools to play an active role in their care.
  • Are prepared for a hospital visit, whether planned or unplanned.
  • Have a plan to get the best possible care in the hospital. Three easy ways to get these life-saving resources:

Option 1: Download the free printable resources below.
This does not include the kit bag, bracelet or magnet. We recommend that you designate a bag to keep this information along with your medication in its original bottles for use in the hospital

Option 2: Order the free hospital safety packet.
This includes the Wallet Card, Hospital Care Fact Sheet Tear Off Pad, Hospital Action Plan and Medication Form. It does not include the kit bag, bracelet, magnet or specialty resources (Duopa & Deep Brain Stimulation Cards). We recommend that you designate a bag to keep this information along with your medication in its original bottles for use in the hospital.

Option 3: Order the full hospital safety kit, free with an $8 shipping charge.
This includes the full kit (see below for all contents), including a zippered bag used to store all information and your medication in its original bottles for use in the hospital.

Contents of Aware in Care kit

Kit Contents

The hospital safety kit is filled with useful tools and information to help a person with Parkinson’s during their next hospital visit, planned or unplanned. Download the following kit items for print:

Hospital Action Plan
This plan will help you prepare for your next hospital visit.

Hospital Care Fact Sheet
Share vital information about Parkinson’s with every member of your care team in the hospital.

Medical Alert Card
Fill in your card with emergency contact information and place it in your wallet.

Medication Form
Complete this form and keep copies in your kit for use at the hospital. If you download the form, you can fill it out on your computer before you print it out.

Deep Brain Stimulation Info Card
If you have had a deep brain stimulator implanted, share this information with anyone providing medical care to you in the hospital.

Duopa Info Card
If you use the Duopa pump, share this information with anyone providing medical care to you in the hospital.

Hospitalization Doctor Letter
Please ask your primary Parkinson’s care provider to sign this letter, which highlights the impact that infections can have on Parkinson’s symptoms and the importance of adherence to the Parkinson’s medication schedule.

To print key pages from the Hospital Action Plan, the Hospitalization Doctor Letter, the Medication Form, Fact Sheet for Nurses and the Medical Alert Card from a single PDF, click here.

The following items can only be obtained by ordering a physical kit:

  • Parkinson’s ID Bracelet: Wear your bracelet at all times in case you are in an emergency situation and cannot communicate.
  • Magnet: Use this magnet to display a copy of your Medication Form in your hospital.


"My mom was hospitalized, and I know how hard it is to get staff to understand that a Parkinson's patient needs their medications on time. Family, caregivers, and patients have to speak up. I learned a lot after multiple visits to the hospital. The Aware in Care kits would be very beneficial to patients, families, and healthcare staff."

Michelle, an Aware in Care Ambassador

The Importance of Hospital Safety

A 2018 survey of hospital safety kit users found that:

  • More than 95 percent found the kit useful
  • More than 95 percent said they would recommend the kit
  • Nearly 60 percent recommended the kit to a loved one or community member
  • While 80 percent felt confident educating hospital staff about the needs of a person with Parkinson’s, only 50 percent received medications on time (compared to 25 percent without the kit).

Interested in having a Parkinson’s Foundation Ambassador speak to your group?

Parkinson’s Foundation Ambassadors are trained volunteers who talk to clinicians, healthcare professionals, support groups and many others about the kit and hospital care for people with PD. If you are interested in inviting an ambassador to speak to your group, in person or virtually, please fill out a Parkinson’s Foundation Ambassador Engagement Request. If you are interested in sharing important hospital care information and becoming a Parkinson’s Foundation Ambassador yourself, visit

MY PD STORY: Terri Weymouth

"My passion has become educating people with Parkinson’s and their families about how they can live a great life despite their PD diagnosis. I wanted to share how the Aware in Care kit could be a useful tool in achieving that."

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