Results: Exercise Professionals

Exercise professionals can be key members of a Parkinson’s disease (PD) care team. It is important to understand best practices for exercise professionals for PD. The Parkinson’s Foundation is building a standard framework about these best practices. Part of this work included looking at how exercise professionals contribute to people’s care teams. Our goal is to educate the Parkinson’s community. 

About the Study

This survey was created with a person with Parkinson’s, an exercise physiologist and a physical therapist. It was reviewed by another person with Parkinson’s and two exercise professionals. 

Key Highlights

1. Most (59%) people exercised more after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Exercise graph

2. More people said they took part in specific types of exercise one year after a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. These types of exercise were balance and dual-tasking, strength training and stretching. They were all reported at higher rates one year after a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis (30%, 14% and 15% respectively).

Exercise graph

3. Some people were more likely to have a difficult time finding exercise programs that could be safely modified for Parkinson’s disease. This included people who have had Parkinson’s for more than three years and those who were widowed.

Exercise newly diagnosed graph

4. Working with a personal trainer or group exercise instructor lead to an increase in certain types of exercise. People did more aerobic, balance and dual-tasking, strength training and stretching exercise.

Exercise graph

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