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The Parkinson’s Foundation believes that to make life better for people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD), we must hear directly from those living with PD and those caring for them. Parkinson’s Foundation Surveys is an initiative to do just that. 

Parkinson’s Foundation Surveys periodically asks people with PD, their care partners and medical professionals about specific aspects of living with and treating Parkinson’s. This initiative aims to advance Parkinson’s care through understanding the experiences of people living with this disease and widely sharing those experiences with the PD community. 

By better understanding how people living with PD experience the disease, the Foundation can be better informed in its programming, research, grant funding and policy initiatives. 

People with Parkinson’s help design and review each survey. We collaborate with researchers from our Centers of Excellence and pharmaceutical partners to design surveys that meet research and community interests.

Recent Parkinson’s Foundation survey findings include:

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