Research Priorities

Research is essential to help us better understand Parkinson’s disease (PD). Research leads to new treatments and medications, better understanding symptoms and disease progression, and will lead us to a cure. 

The Parkinson’s Foundation hosts the largest clinical study of Parkinson’s disease called the Parkinson’s Outcomes Project and funds millions of dollars in research every year in the form of grants. These grants bring hope to the Parkinson’s community as each one has the potential to lead to a breakthrough treatment. Supporting clinical and observational research studies are only two ways the Parkinson’s Foundation is working to advance treatments and medications today. We fund research that:

Advances treatments and medications for today

  • Pairing research advocates with scientists to provide more accurate and efficient patient-centered research.
  • Providing funding that allows Parkinson’s experts to meet in-person to discuss a specific Parkinson’s topic, usually focusing on PF factors that impact the overall health of patients.
  • Helping scientists attend PD-related meetings and conferences to learn the latest in their field and further their own research.

Improves day-to-day life with Parkinson’s disease

  • Providing people who receive treatment at our Centers of Excellence the opportunity to participate in the Parkinson’s Outcomes Project.
  • Promoting innovative team science approaches to Parkinson’s research. There are many kinds of doctors and specialists who treat Parkinson’s. Conducting Parkinson’s research from various viewpoints will further research results, faster.
  • Training more neurologists who will specialize in Parkinson’s.

Brings us closer to a cure

  • Providing critical funding to advance groundbreaking new and existing Parkinson’s studies.  
  • Funding clinical research studies in Parkinson’s. The Parkinson’s Foundation supports the largest network of Parkinson’s clinical trial centers in North America.
  • Updating Parkinson’s statistics every year. These numbers help the Parkinson’s community better advocate for additional money and resources necessary to support Parkinson’s research.
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