Impact Awards

Impact Awards

All ideas in science start with a seed that when grown can have profound impact upon the community. However, these great ideas may never be explored because great ideas often need funding to grow. For this reason, the Parkinson's Foundation is supporting innovative projects that in need of support to see their maximum impact on the Parkinson's community.

Program Overview

The Parkinson's Foundation Impact Awards are designed for researchers both established and new to the field of PD (both young investigators and those from outside the field). Projects should be "outside the box" with the goal of bringing new light to the biology of Parkinson's, or testing a truly novel therapeutic idea. Projects should be for the best ideas that are unlikely to be funded through more traditional funding mechanisms.

Level of Support

Awards are up to a maximum $150,000 for approximately 1 year. Up to 10% ($15,000) of the total award may be used towards indirect costs. Salary support is permitted but for no more than 40% of the recipient's salary and capped at $50,000.


This award is open to all scientists with a PhD or MD, regardless of nationality or location. All career levels of independent investigators are welcome to apply. All applications must demonstrate a significant research focus and impact on PD.

Application Instructions and Deadlines

There will be 3 cycles of this award each year. Letters of Intent (LOI) will be reviewed, and proposals deemed meritorious and of interest will be invited for a full application, which will be due within 6-8 weeks of the LOI decision. A detailed budget is required with the full application. Please see our deadlines page for current deadlines.

Questions and Additional Information

Please contact with any questions regarding this award.

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