Movement Disorders Fellowships

Movement Disorders Neurologists are key specialists who provide expert care to those living with Parkinson’s disease and are critical to our efforts to ensure people with Parkinson’s have Better Lives. To help those living with Parkinson’s receive the care they need today, the Parkinson’s Foundation has maintained ample support for this specialized training. The Parkinson’s Foundation supported the very first Movement Disorders Fellowship programs in the United States in 1980 at our Centers of Excellence at Columbia University in New York and at Rush University in Chicago. Since then, the Parkinson’s Foundation has provided over $15 million dollars to support the training of over 150 neurologists to become experts in treating and helping those with PD.

However, the number of people with Parkinson’s disease is projected to increase with our aging population; the need for specialized care is greater than ever. Consistent with the Foundation’s goal of making the lives of those with PD better, the Parkinson’s Foundation is widening the reach of our training program for physicians to become experts in Parkinson’s care. Institutions in North America may now apply to the Parkinson’s Foundation Movement Disorders Training Award to support the training of neurologists to become specialists in Movement Disorders. 

Program Overview

The award provides an institution with the funds to support the two-year long training of an incoming movement disorders fellow, covering their salary and associated costs. The institution is responsible for recruiting and selecting the fellow to receive training – this is not an award to an individual.

Programs will be evaluated on their track record for training fellows in movement disorders; this includes their clinical care and research environments and training opportunities. Programs that provide Fellows with in-depth exposure to clinical research in addition to clinical training are encouraged to apply. The Foundation will also take into consideration less-established programs where Foundation support could provide an opportunity for growth with the potential for geographic, patient, or fellow diversity. Programs will nominate an incoming Fellow for consideration as part of the application process.

Level of Support

The award provides annual support of up to $75,000 for salary, matching the institution’s PGY-5/6 pay scale. An additional 25% of salary will be included for other costs such as fringe benefits, malpractice insurance, research allowance, and travel. A stipend of $10,000 is provided for dedicated mentoring support. The potential total award is $103,750 per year for up to two years. There is no provision for the deduction of institutional overhead or other indirect costs.

It is anticipated that 2-3 awards will be funded via this RFA. The limit is one award per institution.


The award is open to North American institutions with an established movement disorders fellowship program. Potential fellows may be of any nationality and must have completed a residency in neurology. Individuals may not apply.

Application Instructions

On describing your Movement Disorders Fellowship program, proposals should address the following questions:

  • How does the Fellowship training differ from Year 1 to Year 2?
  • What exposure to research, genetic testing/counseling is available to Fellows?
  • How does your institution attract Fellows from different backgrounds, races, ethnic groups, and other diverse populations to ensure representation for all people with Parkinson's disease?
  • How is the mentoring program structured?
  • How are the interests and strengths of individual Fellows addressed through mentoring and the overall training plan?
  • Who is the primary mentor for the program and why was this person chosen?

Questions and Additional Information

Please contact with any questions or interest in attending an informational webinar regarding this award.

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