Performance Pack: Full Body, Footwork & Coordination

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Intensity: High

  • Fit time totaling: 70 minutes
  • The theme of this grouping is switching gears!   You will start by focusing on whole body movement and strengthening exercise and then switch to connect the brain to body by way of learning some fancy footwork and dance. Gears switch again and you move away from coordination and on to interval training. Your heart rate will be elevated and your whole body will be worked.  A perfect finish to this marathon of a series is to switch gears again and connect your breath to your movement via yoga inspired exercise.  Take the challenge…you will thank us when you are done.   




Looking for more about exercise? Create your own tailored Fitness Friday experience with our NEW Performance Pack workouts.

We ask that you consult your care team about concerns and recommendations before trying new exercises. The Parkinson’s Foundation is in no way liable or responsible for injuries sustained from online classes.

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