Performance Pack: Arms, Legs & Flexibility

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Intensity: High

  • Fit time totaling: 55 minutes
  • You are going the distance in this series! A quick warmup will then be followed by a series of exercises to power up and strengthen the arms.  Hold onto that power of the upper body, keeping good posture while you take your leg strength to the next level in the next segment.   Now that your arms and legs are fired up your endurance will be challenged by completing “The Finisher” series which mixes up all the best forms of exercise.  Your high effort will be rewarded by finishing this series with stretches that address the whole body so you can not only feel good in mind from completing this series but also in muscle!  




Looking for more about exercise? Create your own tailored Fitness Friday experience with our NEW Performance Pack workouts.

We ask that you consult your care team about concerns and recommendations before trying new exercises. The Parkinson’s Foundation is in no way liable or responsible for injuries sustained from online classes.

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