Freezing Tips

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Freeze Trigger Freeze Reduction Strategy
Answering the phone

Never rush to answer the phone.

Keep a cordless phone within easy reach.

Keep pathways open; rearrange furniture to keep floors free of clutter.

Use an answering machine

Walking onto/off of an elevator, train or bus

Allow everyone else to get on or off first.

Announce that you have PD and ask people to be patient.

Walk up to the threshold, stop, then focus on stepping over it.

Walking through a doorway

Tell yourself not to focus on the doorway; instead focus on how your feet hit the ground.

Guess how many steps it will take to walk from where you are through the doorway, then count your steps as you move through to see how close you were to your guess.

Look through the doorway at an object inside, and focus on approaching the object.

Walk up to the threshold, stop, then focus on stepping over it.

Place colored tape in horizontal stripes in front of and through the doorway, and focus on stepping over the tape.

You can also place colored tape on the threshold itself, so you focus on stepping over it.

Keep areas around doorways well lit and free of clutter.

Walking in crowds

Try to walk near walls.

Take slow, deep breaths and focus only on how your feet are moving, not on the people around you.

Alternate between walking a few feet and stopping.

Starting to walk

Stop all movement and take a deep breath.

Make sure weight is even on both feet.

Visualize stepping over or kicking an object.

Shift weight to the side and step with the unweighted foot.

March in place before stepping.

Have your care partner place their foot ahead of your foot and step to it

Note: For all strategies in the table above, focusing on the task is important. Rushing, carrying objects, talking with others or even looking away for a moment may limit how well the strategy works.


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