Podcast Episode 28: Autonomic Problems

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As people with Parkinson’s disease experience a variety of symptoms and challenges beyond movement problems, a comprehensive, team approach can benefit them with matters such as blood pressure drops, urinary symptoms, sleep disturbances, sexual and intimacy matters, and other quality of life issues affecting them and their caregivers. However, due to the associated stigma or potential feelings of embarrassment, people with PD may not bring these matters up with their clinicians. In this podcast, Dr. Tanya Gurevich, director of the Movement Disorders Center at Tel Aviv Medical Center in Israel, a Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence, focuses on those problems that people with Parkinson’s often do not discuss with their care team but, for many of them, may have easy solutions.

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About This Episode

Released: May 8, 2018

Tanya (Tatyana) Gurevich, MD

Dr. Tanya (Tatyana) Gurevich is a recognized specialist in the field of Neurology, movement disorders and neuroautonomic disturbances. She is a director of the interdisciplinary movement disorders unit, Parkinson’s foundation center of excellence, at the Neurological Institute, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. Main areas of her research include development and refinement of the interventions for different aspects and stages of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, with a special focus on the treatment of dysautonomic manifestations, and implementation of the interactive multidisciplinary strategy for comprehensive disease management and the empowerment of patients and their families. Dr. Gurevich also focuses on collaborative clinical research of the lesser-known movement disorders (Multiple System Atrophy and others). She is a principal investigator in a number of clinical trials and receives competitive grants for the research support.

Dr. Gurevich is a senior lecturer at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University and a faculty member of the Sagol Neuroscience School. She earned her MD from the Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) Pediatric Medical University, Russia, followed by a double residency in Neurology (Faculty of Neurology at the Leningrad Pediatric Medical University, Russia and then Tel-Aviv Medical Center, Israel). Dr. Gurevich completed a clinical fellowship in movement disorders in the Department of Neurology at Innsbruck Medical University, Austria, and a visiting physician program in the autonomic disorders in the Autonomic Laboratory at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA. Dr Gurevich serves as a member of the Medical Advisory Boards of the Israeli Parkinson's Association, Jerusalem Tikvah4Pakinson organization and Israeli Huntington’s disease association.

For more insights on this topic, listen to our podcast episode “Navigating Sexuality and Intimacy with PD?”


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