Podcast Episode 107: Advocating for a Safe Hospitalization

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As most people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and their care partners know, medication management is crucial to controlling motor symptoms. Given that many people need to take medication multiple times a day, “on time, every time” becomes a way of life, regardless of where one is – at home, at work, visiting with friends, shopping, or traveling. Ironically, one of the most difficult places to get medications on your individual schedule is in the hospital. Hospitals have set times to dispense medications, so a hospitalized person with Parkinson’s or their care partner needs to impress upon the staff that Parkinson’s medicines have to be given on the patient’s schedule, not on the hospital’s.

Rose Lang’s husband, John, fell and broke his hip, resulting in his transport to a local hospital and a several-hour period in the emergency department. Fortunately, he brought some of his pills with him and took them while waiting to be admitted to a room on a floor in the hospital. But even then, Rose, a retired pharmacist, had to educate the medical and nursing staff about the need for John’s “pills on time, every time.” She is also an Aware in Care Ambassador for the Parkinson’s Foundation, so John arrived at the hospital with his Aware in Care kit, and Rose made ample use of the resources within the kit to inform and educate the hospital staff caring for her husband.

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Released: June 29, 2021

Rose Lang

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My name is Rose Lang and I live in The Villages, FL (Florida’s Friendliest Hometown!) My husband John and I moved to The Villages in November, 2016 from Pennsylvania.  Prior to that time, we had been snowbirds for 2 seasons.

I am a pharmacist by profession and retired in 2012 after 43 years in the field.  For the last 26 years I had been in various pharmacy management positions, having worked in hospital, retail, and mail order pharmacy throughout my career.

Most recently I was the Vice President/General Manager of the CVS-Caremark mail order facility in Pennsylvania.  We employed approximately 700 employees, including about 100 pharmacists.  I traveled extensively on job assignments and was previously licensed in 5 states (from New York to Oregon).   

My husband has Parkinson’s disease, diagnosed in 2008.  We belong to several exercise and support groups in the Villages and have experienced firsthand the challenges when a PD patient is admitted to the hospital.  I also provide communication via a Newsletter/email to approximately 500 people in our Parkinson’s community (people with PD and their Caregivers).

I continue to be impressed with the resources and outreach of the Parkinson Foundation and the enthusiasm of the educational support staff.   Following my training in Columbus Ohio as an Aware in Care volunteer, I was re-energized about being involved in the Parkinson Foundation outreach program to educate patients, caregivers, and health care professionals on the challenges of hospitalized Parkinson’s patients.

I feel that my background as a health care professional and a Parkinson’s Caregiver positions me to make a significant contribution to the Aware in Care program and to enthusiastically support those on the journey of living with Parkinson’s.

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