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“The best way I can give back is to educate people about this disease. If people knew more about all that is involved in this disease and how it really affects people, they would be more willing to give money to Parkinson’s research, and they would be more tolerant of people they encounter with the disease,” Supereena said.

On June 7, Supereena and the team she started—Team Supereena Kapoor—will take part in Moving Day® DC. She is gatheringover 100 friends, neighbors and community members to walk alongside her at the event and to help her reach her fundraising goal.

This year, Moving Day® DC will take place at the National Mall. The festive, family event will spotlight PD and give participants a chance to speak out about the disease in the nation’s capital. The money generated through Moving Day® helps fund local outreach and education and advancement of clinical care for people living with PD.

In addition to the one-mile or 5K walk, the event will feature a Movement Pavilion with stations offering yoga, Tai Chi, dancing and Pilates, as well as food, fitness and medical vendors. The theme of the day—movement is the body’s way of celebrating life—is a message that brings people together. Supereena was only 33 when she was diagnosed with Young-Onset Parkinson’s disease. At the time, she knew very little about the disease, even though she was working as a pharmacist. In the ensuing years,her health declined drastically. As a result, she had deep brain stimulation, which improved her life dramatically.

Today, 15 years after her diagnosis, the single mother of two is passionate about raising awareness of PD.“It’s important for people to talk about their disease. Many people are ashamed that they are experiencing these symptoms and won’t talk about it. They hide and don’t socialize. I did the opposite. I told everyone, everywhere I would go. I think the more open you are, the more willing people are to help,” Supereena said.

Besides raising money and awareness at Moving Day® , Supereena also hopes to lift some spirits. "For people who don't have Parkinson's, I'm hoping that this event will help them truly begin to understand the depth of how disastrous this disease is to people. And for people with Parkinson's, I'm hoping they will come away from Moving Day®  re-energized. I want them to feel that they have power over this disease, and that they can live very happy, productive lives with modifications," Supereena said. 

To register for a Moving Day® event in your area visit



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