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My story began 11 years ago when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD). I had just begun to paint in watercolors and found that whenever I picked up my pallet, for as long as I painted, my pain subsided, even went away. I found a new hobby.

Concentrating on shape and color involved my mind. Manipulating brushes kept my fine motor skills in tune. But most of all, I was happy. I could relish my accomplishments and not bemoan my limitations. 

After watercolors I took up photography, and now clay sculpting. Along the way I learned to tie flies (I would always share them with my neurologist, an avid fly fisherman).

Mobility problems have increased to the point where I need to use my Rolator around the house and my power chair to go any distance outside the house. Parkinson's has imposed itself into all my days now. I have accepted all of that, but with the help of my wife and the support of my neighbors I continue to grow spiritually through my art. 

I try not to define my life with PD in terms of what I can't do. Rather I try to seek out ways that I can exercise my creativity through my art.


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