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My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2004.  At first, none of my family, including my mom, knew what Parkinson's disease was; and how it was going to impact my mom's life. All we had noticed was a trembling lower lip. I started to look up Parkinson's disease on Google and found a link to the National Parkinson Foundation. This was such an essential key in learning about Parkinson's. And with knowledge comes empowerment.  My mom and I learned all about PD. We were comforted to know that my mom's life was not over but was just going to change.

Last November she fell at home and broke her femur in two places.  I had the NPF Aware in Care kit and took it with me when my mom was admitted into the hospital.  I can't emphasize enough what an essential tool the NPF Aware in Care kit is; every PD patient should have the kit in their home.  

The kit has a slip with bullet points on medication and how important it is to give the medication on time, every time!  A medication pad to list all the PD medications a person is taking, a bracelet for the patient to wear to raise PD awareness, and a thank you card for the hospital staff.  

The kit helped my mom during her stay in the hospital and gave me peace of mind. We know that at this time there is no cure of Parkinson's, so all I can do to give my mom the quality of life she deserves is through my actions, passions, and heart..

I love you mom!  I will show in my actions and my heart.


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