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April 22, 2015

What does Parkinson’s awareness mean to me? My story begins after I was told I had Parkinson’s disease (PD). At first my wife and I investigated brain surgery to help with symptoms, but we settled for the routine pill arrangement. It normalized the tremors in the hand. Then we discovered the combination of Title Boxing for the body and Lumosity for the mind. This combination, twice a week, have really improved and help control symptoms.

Supporters from the organizations I volunteer for tell me that I seem younger, healthy and more sure of myself. It is very important to me to continue to present in front of audiences and groups, free from shaking! I walk straighter these days. For me, it’s important to enjoy my family and join in to their sports activities of track and soccer. I am a good watcher. I love traveling with Beth, my wife, as we discover new places and activities. But it goes deeper than that. My whole being is more in tune with the realization that I have an incurable condition that I have been able to control. I am not minimizing the fact that I have Parkinson’s. Instead, I am doing something about it! And it’s working.

I will always be grateful to my supporters who have taken the time out of their busy life to share their observations. Even my doctor noticed my good health when conducting my first Medicare examination.

December 22, 2018

I wanted to compare my notes four years later, to see what has changed and if I feel differently about my health status. The facts are the same. I still have diabetes and Parkinson’s and I am trying to manage both. I am still working on it, it is a work in progress, and I need to do better! I have a “fleet” of doctors who help me, some new and some still hanging in there. My family, wife and daughters, their families including grandkids still support me and help me with my volunteer work at Moving Day Ventura County and the Parkinson Foundation.

“Deuk is one of our more supportive volunteers in California,” said Sarah Osborne, Parkinson’s Foundation Community Program Manager. “He has made Parkinson’s awareness his personal mission and is always ready to help the Foundation spread the word about Parkinson’s and our local events.”

I still take four pills for high blood pressure, two for PD, two for diabetes and one for cholesterol. I also take four supplements. I am testing an app that keeps track of my medications and provides “insights” and “reflections.”

My wife and I still box together, not routinely due to busy volunteer schedules. Now I see a physical therapist that provides me with a home exercise routine. Still working on that! My symptoms and side effects of PD have not changed much. Some worry me more, like insomnia, slowness and balance, but they come with old age as well. I am more interested in genetics as a subject worthwhile of exploring in greater detail for its influence relating to PD.

I still volunteer for my Computer Club and for a historic California site. Most importantly, I still stand by what I observed four years ago — be aware and do something about your health situation. Actively help promote what we are all hopeful of someday, a cure for PD. Every person’s involvement counts. 

One of the advantages of posting this self-serving piece of literature is sharing “My PD Story” in hope that others can relate and share their story. The keyword is “Move.”

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