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I have been living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) for more than 30 years. Writing a book on my Parkinson’s experiences has helped me learn more about it. I am much happier knowing all the Parkinson’s symptoms that can develop and happier now that I really understand this disease, through research and by living with it for so long.

I have a double whammy when it comes to my most prominent symptoms. My most cumbersome PD symptom is freezing and falling, which is quite common for those us with Parkinson’s. I experience freezing, often while standing and trying to walk. I also have significantly impaired balance. Between my balance and freezing problems I often fall. At one point in time I fell so many times that my knees were breaking open and hurting all the time. I found the best solution for me was to slow down, which gave me the opportunity to see what I was doing and make corrections.

My most fascinating PD encounter was when I learned about Rapid Eye Movement (REM) disorder. It occurs when a person is in a deep sleep and they suddenly become active. Mid-sleep eyes frantically move up and down, back and forth. The muscles in our body freeze up when we sleep so we don't hurt ourselves, but our eye muscles stay awake.

My symptoms reminds me how special and complex our bodies are.

I wrote a book about Parkinson’s to give those who have been newly diagnosed and others in the PD community the ability to pull within themselves the knowledge that they can overcome this. I became more accepting once I researched the different symptoms and the disease and now realize that I’m more content with having Parkinson’s. I have come to understand that there is much more to this disease than I initially thought and I know I can overcome it.

My book is titled "My Uninvited Guest” and can be purchased on

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