Marlena Juniman: Looking At Life Just A Little Differently

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My name is Marlena Juniman and I am blessed be married to a man that I know is my soul mate. David was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 16 years ago and began developing DHS (Dropped Head Syndrome) over the past 6 years. As the Parkinson's symptoms progressed I watched as tremors worsened and his posture became compromised.

When he began to bend forward from the waist, the weight of his head pulled him further downward. This affected his balance, so walking became much more difficult as did eating and socializing. He was spending much of the time looking at the floor. Nothing we tried or purchased helped. Neck braces were uncomfortable and even painful and did not allow him to eat while wearing one. I knew that whatever we tried would have to allow David the ability to walk about freely and get his chin off of his chest so he could have an easier time eating, swallowing, socializing and hopefully help his balance issues. My search led to a dead end.

I'm stubborn and realized that if something or someone was going to help my husband it would have to be me. This led to devoting two years in developing our Looking Forward Head Support System. With the Looking Forward Head Band and Cap System David is able to do so much more than he could previously. Eating, walking in the park, socializing and looking people in the eye once again became possible.

As David's Parkinson's and DHS progresses we find that the Looking Forward Head Support system has been an invaluable asset and has helped David eat, drink and swallow. Lifting his chin off his chest and lifting his head upward, he is less likely to choke. At every meal David wears his Looking Forward Headband.

David and I are deeply grateful for each and every day we share. The things that used to be easy are no longer easy. Things we took for granted no longer exist. We are on a new path and a new journey and we are taking it together one day, sometimes one hour, at a time. With prayer, love and patience we are both Looking Forward to a brighter tomorrow, just a little bit differently. We are thrilled that our invention is now helping others who may need a little “lift".

More information about David and Marlena’s invention can be found on the Looking Forward website.


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