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When I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (PD) in 2009, I didn't panic ― rather I said to myself, “How can I gain from having this disease?” I'm talking material gain, not sympathy or understanding.

LaurenI found several ways. The most profitable one was when my sister, her husband and I visited Hyde Park, the home of President Franklin Roosevelt in New York. The ticket price was $20 per person. I asked if there was a discount for seniors (all of us were older than 60). Indeed, there was! Then I told the cashier I had Parkinson’s and asked if they had a lower ticket price for a handicap person like me. He made a quick phone call. He then made me a card, and laminated it. This card permits me, as well as three companions, to a free visit to any national monument in the U.S.!

I'm not making light of people who are suffering from this disease; on the contrary. Sometimes it's good to laugh about the setbacks we've had in life. I also have a good neurologist here in France. My medications help me tremendously.


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